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How to Fix Marketing

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The main idea of yesterday’s post was marketing’s lack of a generally accepted theoretical foundation gives unsubstantiated opinions undue influence in marketing decisions. This is certainly how Nestle CEO Peter Barbeck-Letmathe sees it: “Marketers treat personal common sense as superior to science-based knowledge and to what the humanities have to tell us.”

Blog reader Evelyn Rodriguez made some insightful comments on the post and invited me to say what I think can reverse marketing’s well-chronicled inadequacies.

Investors Love Firms of Endearment

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According to T. J. Rodgers, CEOof Cypress Semiconductor, a shameless Marxist runs whole Foods. Rodgers madethis charge in a spirited debate in the October issue of Reason in whichhe and Nobel laureate (economics) Milton Friedman opposed Whole Foods CEO JohnMackey in an argument over the role that corporations should be playing inaddressing social issues – the so called social responsibility (CSR)issue.

Whole Foods is one of thecompanies we profile in Firms of Endearment. Rodgers is bitterly opposed to any idea that challenges Friedman’sfamous edict that the only social responsibility of a company is to make aprofit for its owners within legal bounds.

Driving toward Success with Organizational Focus

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If you asked me to help you determine whether your team or organization is focused on what’s most important to the business, I would look at six indicators. They are all individually important, but together paint a comprehensive picture of focus. I can tell a lot of things about an organization from analyzing these indicators.

Rate your team or organization from 1-10
1 = Does not describe my team, 10 = Highly descriptive of my team

Wells Fargo Loan Consolidation

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Wells Fargo Loan Consolidation

Students can pursue higher education with the help of proper funding. Though some of them are able to source their funding through scholarships or grants, most of them opt for good loan programs to manage their funding. There are many capable private lenders who manage student loans effectively. Wells Fargo is one private lender that has been in the business for many years and is one of the most trusted names in student financial aid.

New legislation has positive effect on reverse mortgages

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On July 30, the president and Congress signed into law the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.This law made a number of changes to the housing and mortgage industry. One item that was rarely discussed is the effect that HR3221 has on reverse mortgages.

This very important legislation has been in the works for almost two years now. This is positive for the industry and most importantly to homeowners considering reverse mortgages.